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Mmmhm. [snuggles into his chest]
+ incubuggy

-= it gently strokes along his back, giving a small yawn. =-

{Yes. One kiss. It's a small price.} He steps forward, holding the boxes out towards the Sin more.
+ personificationofcorruption

-= it gives a huff. =-

no eyegouging or attemptSSSS at any Sort of Corruption, got it?

So rude. [gets comfortable]
+ incubuggy

-= it lays back with him. =-

SSSSSSayS you.

*pushes a few cherry cordials over to him in a heart box and skitters away* happy discount chocolate day~!
+ Anonymous

-= it snaps up the cherry cordials up easily, purring in delight. =-

Glad you like it! At least you're more thankful than Greed. -She clicks her tongue and shrugs.- So, how've you been lately?
+ spitewick

of CourSe i am.

one of my favorite holidaySSSSS haS the word “thankS” right in it.

and i’ve been fine. SSSSleepy though. haven’t been Speaking aS muCh aS i uSed to.

{Ahhh that's more like it. I only have on rule though. One box at a time... And one kiss in exchange.}
+ personificationofcorruption

-= it’s ears pressed back. =-


It's Tigerseye! Quite a pretty stone if you ask me! Sorry it's so small, though. -She zips over and perches on his shoulder.-
+ spitewick

-= it carefully plucks the jewel out of the box, glancing it over. =-

hmmm… it iS rather niCe, i Should SSSSay.

I'll get like ten mastiffs. The Tibetan ones. [nuzzles]
+ incubuggy

i’ll gobble you up before you get the ChanCe.

-= it returns the nuzzles happily. =-

The man grins and holds out three boxes of chocolate. {I have no use for them... And I got quite a few boxes from a friend.}
+ personificationofcorruption

-= it perks up immediately, pushing the door open and moving out to him, purring lowly. =-